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Information is an Asset

Posted by Jonathan Veal on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, In : IT Compliance 
Most organisations have at least three primary resources - money, people and information. I have always found it strange that people accept the procedures and controls imposed on the first two, but typically resist any attempt to implement similar processes for information management and security. And quoting good practice or horror stories rarely changes their minds.

IT consists of two words - 'information' and 'technology', and I think there is too much emphasis on the latter, at the expense...
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The UK Data Protection Act

Posted by Jonathan Veal on Saturday, March 3, 2012, In : IT Compliance 
I'm amazed how many small businesses in the UK are unaware that the Data Protection Act requires them to register with the Information Commissioner even if the only personal data they hold is 'public domain', for example name, phone number and email. You are only exempt if you trade solely business to business (B2B), and even then if any contacts are sole traders or partnerships you need to register. For tier 1 organisations it can be done online in 30 minutes and costs only £35.
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Making IT Work for You

Jon Veal of U Do IT Computer Services In this blog I aim to share my thoughts on some the issues which surround computers and electronic data - such as IT productivity, effective use, the internet, backups, disaster recovery, information security and data protection.

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