The internet is a very useful tool, and it has changed the way we work and play. However there are a plethora of risks which are not necessarily obvious to non-IT people. Technology has a big part to play in keeping secure but one of the biggest risks is a good old-fashioned con. Why go to the trouble of hacking into someone's on-line account when you can trick them into giving you their login details? Below are a few tips;

1. Make passwords complex (mixed case letters and numbers), and don't use the same password for all your accounts
2. Never divulge your account details in response to a phone call or email
3. Don't use 'public' personal information like your favourite colour or mother's maiden name for your security questions
4. Don't click on links from emails or untrusted sites to secure ones (such as banking)
5. Always check the URL (web address) is correct when navigating pages
6. Don't divulge personal or confidential information in an email
7. If you buy on-line use PayPal, or enrol your credit/debit card in Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecurePay