Jon Veal MBCS CITP - Career Summary 

I have been fortunate to have a long and varied career in IT, 28 years and counting! I have undertaken roles in software development, technical support, databases, records management and IT management. I've gained experience in the manufacturing, publishing, energy and public sectors. During that time I have seen technology change enormously but one thing that hasn't changed is that my customers want solutions and information, not technology.

  • Software Developer - Emerson Remote Automation Solutions
  • Head of Information Services - Advantage West Midlands
  • IT Project Manager - National Power Energy Company Ltd
  • IT Manager - Midlands Gas
  • Computer & Subscriptions Manager - Questions Publishing Ltd
  • Business Analyst - United Engineering & Forging Ltd
  • Systems Analyst - BICC Wiring Division
  • Information Technologist - BICC Elastomeric Cables Ltd


Making IT Work - Summary of Achievements

  • delivery of high quality but cost-effective computer services and IT solutions
  • development and implementation of ‘fit for purpose’ custom applications to meet agreed specifications
  • development and implementation of IT productivity tools
  • delivery of technical solutions within tight budgets which meet business needs
  • design and implementation of bespoke databases and spreadsheets
  • design and implementation of computer tools for managing data quality and data transfer/interfaces  
  • training of staff to use IT and software effectively
  • procurement and implementation of finance systems
  • procurement and implementation of document and records management software 
  • procurement and implementation of customer relationship management software
  • design and development of billing systems
For more details about my career and achievements please visit me on LinkedIn.

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