Making IT Work - Computer Support Testimonials 

U Do IT has helped small businesses and consumers in North Worcestershire and South Birmingham by delivering computer services and 'making IT work' for them. For example setting up IT equipment, providing clients with 'on the job' training to use their computer more effectively, and undertaking routine IT tasks for them. Below are some recent testimonials from customers;

'Having recently set up my own consultancy business I needed help with IT and contacted Jon. He was able to quickly understand my business requirements and answer my queries, explain what was possible and how to do it and without making me feel that any question was silly! He helped with my use of the computer and a Blackberry so I can concentrate on my clients not the admin. He was professional and patient and I would recommend him if you have any IT query large or small. I’ll certainly go back to him when the next query arises.'

Elizabeth Mitchell, Town Planning Consultant, Redditch, March 2012.

'I have known Jon for a number of years in both a professional and personal capacity. As I have been in business myself for 16 years, I know the value of making the best use of my time in delivering IT courses and marketing my services. Therefore if I am able to 'sub contract' various business services to another highly capable supplier then I will do so. Jon Veal fits the bill very well in providing such services. As well as being a professional and capable IT technician, he is also very aware of current pressures on small businesses and recently helped us to register for Data Protection Act within our own company. His flexibility and availability will make him an ideal person to smooth out a whole variety of otherwise complex or time consuming issues required to manage a business. Time is always of the essence and I now have time to concentrate on the really important aspects of my own business rather than on the necessary but more mundane aspects I have hitherto performed myself. I highly recommend his services.'
John P Legge BSc(hons) MBCS, MIIT, Managing Director, John P Legge Computer Services Limited, February 2012.

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